Skyblock Season 2 Info

This is an old page outlining information needed for SB 2's launch. Written by Nolan.

If you are seeing this page then it means that Skyblock Season 2 is shortly going to be released. This page will house all essential information about Skyblock 2, and any actions that you may need to take before the end of Skyblock Season 1. Skyblock Season 1 will close at 11PM EST on November 5th to start preparing for launch.


Skyblock Season 2 will hopefully be live on November 7th at 4PM EST. Click here for a countdown.

What Players Will Keep

  • Donor Ranks

  • Amount of Player Vaults and Homes (NOT the contents of the Player Vaults/Homes)

  • Most Donor Perks (Minions, Commands, Cosmetics)

  • Items that are in your Item Transfer.

  • Some user statistics, such as "First Join" and "Last Join".

  • Network Points (these are not tied to resets).

This list may be updated as time goes on, keep an eye on it.

What Players Will NOT Keep

  • Homes

  • ALL INVENTORY CONTENTS (includes Player Vaults and Enderchests).

  • Money, MCMMO Credits, Mob Coins

  • ANY type of progression (Leveling, Quests etc.)

  • Anything not included in the "Keep" List.

This list may be updated as time goes on, keep an eye on it.

Item Transfer

As mentioned before, users will have an opportunity to carry over a limited amount of items using the Item Transfer system! Basically, this is a GUI which you place your items into, to ensure that they will be carried over to the next Season. You are only allowed to transfer over your own items. You are not allowed to transfer over the items of another user. People who are caught doing this will be perm banned.


  1. Open the Inventory with, /it. You will see an inventory with 18 slots. All Users get at least 9 item slots in their Item Transfer. Donors get 14 item slots.

  2. Place items into the inventory that you want to keep. These will transfer over to Skyblock Season 2. If you place an unauthorized item into the Inventory, it will return the item your inventory.

  3. After Skyblock Season 2 releases, simply do /it again, and take your items out. You have now successfully transferred your items!


There are some limitations as to what you can carry over to Skyblock 2. These are outlined below. You are allowed to bring any item that is not specifically mentioned as being limited. The items are outlined below. Please occasionally check this page, this list may be updated at any time without prior notice.

Banned Item Materials
Limited Item Materials
Allowed Items
Banned Item Materials

List of Items that will not be allowed in the Item Transfer:















  • Any item that has lore containing "CRATE KEY"

  • Any item that has Explosive custom enchantment

  • More than 3 Spawners and more than 3 Minions.

Limited Item Materials

You may bring up to 192x combined total of the following items:















For example, you could bring the following combination of blocks (not limited to just these examples): - 192x Iron Block - 92x Diamond Block, 100x Netherite Block - 1x Diamond Block, 91x Emerald Block, 100x Netherite Block Unauthorized Spawner Types (such as Shulker or Villager), will turn into pig when placed on Skyblock 2. Bringing these over is the same as bringing over a Pig Spawner.

Allowed Items

You are allowed to bring anything that is not in the Banned Item Materials List.


Skyblock Season 2 looks to correct all of the things that are wrong with Skyblock 1, and even improve some areas. We have revamped the entire gamemode to have a bit more longevity, and to be more approachable, unlike Skyblock 1. Between September 2020 and now, there have been over 200 documented changes/fixes/additions of varying sizes. Here are just a few of the things you can look forward to that are already implemented in Season 2:

  • Revamped Economy/Leveling

  • Revamped Island Upgrades

  • Revamped Questing

  • Revamped Crates system

  • Entirely New Fishing System

  • Entirely New Custom Items

  • Less OP, more traditional feeling gameplay (removal of Stacked Spawners/Entities/Items).

With so many changes, it is hard to summarize exactly what was done in a succinct bulleted list. The internal changelog for this season will be published sometime after release (when the server is stable), to display the magnitude of changes that have taken place. Things such as the removal of various "stacked" items also mean that there could be more stability from this version of Skyblock as well. There are other changes not even related to Skyblock which are also going to be released very soon, including an entirely new Website (a WIP version can be seen here right now), and Hub (releasing VERY soon). Skyblock Season 1 was obviously a disappointment, and a clear lesson that there is a learning curve to be had for myself when making a new gamemode. There are many reasons why it happened the way it did. Whether that be work burnout (which is very real), personal IRL issues, a lack of coherent administration, or even just my inability to lean on the team that I have.. all of these things fall on me and this is just a start of fixing those apparent problems. Season 2 has taken a long time simply to avoid the mistakes of Season 1, and to provide gameplay that is fun, at least a tiny bit unique, and is not an absolute headache to improve upon over time. These are the core aspects of Survival that made it so enjoyable for the community over the past 4 years, and Skyblock needed to revisit those aspects. I am confident that this is a step in the right direction. If you'd like to show support for the immense amount of time and effort that has been allotted to making SB2 a reality, simply show up this weekend or grab a few items from the store. All support helps! If you made it this far, I thank you for taking the time to read about Skyblock 2. We hope you will join us this weekend for a (hopefully) great launch!