Contribution Guide

Information about contributing to the Wiki. Written by Nolan. To contact about contribution, Discord: Nolan#2020.

If you are on this page, it is likely that you are interested in contributing to the Wiki! This will serve as a guide on how to contribute efficiently, with minimal interference from staff or ownership. If there is an article that does not adhere to these standards, contact Nolan.

General Process

1. Consider what section you want edited or added to the Wiki. If it would be a small section/addition, you may not need to write it yourself. 2. Ask Nolan about said contribution. If approved, you are free to start writing the contribution. Take note of the writing style used in this Wiki and try to mimic it. Examples shared below. If you follow the general Style/Layout guidelines, minimal edits will be needed. 3. Write out the section in EITHER a Google Docs .docx file, OR in a .txt file (or anything similar). Submit said writing to Nolan via link or file attachment on Discord. 4. This writing will go through a first pass review by Nolan. They will ask for changes which will be required to be made for publication. 5. Once these changes are made and the full article is resubmitted, it will be given approval from Nolan. 6. The article and it's contents will then be merged to the Wiki under the appropriate section. 7. A preview of this will then be sent to you. You can scan over the merge and make sure that it is merged appropriately. If not, you can request changes to be made by Nolan to your article.

This process is subject to change at any time. There are also rare periods of time in which contributions will not be accepted under any circumstances. There are also certain articles (ex. Rule Explanations), which MUST be written by Nolan. These sections will never accept contributions.


An article on this Wiki will typically follow the following layout:

  • Article Title: Typically the name of the feature being described.

  • Summary of Article/Contribution Credit: Short 1-2 sentence summary of what the purpose of an article is. Contribution credits are also included (Written by..., Edited by..., Showcase by...). (ex. Daily Bonus).

  • Blurb: Short, introductory description of the feature in which the Wiki article is about. This is different from the previous section because it goes more in depth about the feature. Refer to various articles for the difference (ex. Auction House).

  • Commands: List and description of all relevant commands which are used for the feature. (ex. Auction House Commands).

  • Further/Detailed Description of Features: This is considered to be the "meat" of an article. Simply explain all relevant details about what your article is about. (ex. Automations).

This is where you may choose to include Showcase or Tutorial sections. These are usually video snippets which either show off usage of a feature, or how to use a feature. The purpose is to visually display something that may be complex when only explained in text format. (ex. Elevators - OUTDATED). Videos are not required. Images can also sufficiently do this. (ex. Chest Shop).

  • Misc. Information: In some cases, there is relevant information which does not fit in any of the above sections. It should go into this section. (ex. Elevators).

If you are unsure where something is supposed to go, do not assign it a section and annotate this issue in your writing.


Since GitBook does not allow for direct contribution for free or small team usage for a reasonable price, our submission method of .docx/.txt files will need some stylistic changes to help making merging easier. This will explain the necessary annotations here so that your article can be properly merged.

Linked examples for each style, go to specific parts of articles. Please click them for context!

Bulleted List

  • Bulleted

  • List

Usages: Commands, Misc. Information, any list that does not need to be ordered. (ex. Custom Enchantments).

* Bulleted
* List

Ordered List

  1. Ordered

  2. List

Usages: Tutorials, Lists which require a specific order. (ex. Claiming).

1. Ordered
2. List

Hint Types



Usages: When you want to offer a user a hint in order to do something more efficiently. (ex. Contribution Guide).




Usages: When a user needs to be notified of something that is only somewhat important. (ex. Automations).




Usages: When a user needs to be warned about something very important. Use sparingly. (ex. Automations).




Usages: Similar to the Hint usage, but can be used to show off an example of a previous explanation. (ex. Automations).


Text Types



Usages: Command Bulleted List, when something needs to be emphasized. (ex. Custom Enchantments).




Usages: When something within a sentence needs to be more subtly clarified.


Bold Italic


Usages: No apparent usages yet.




Usages: No apparent usages yet. To combine strikethrough with other formats, refer to Bold Italic.


Interactive Elements


People Who are Awesome

Why they are Awesome


They wrote this Wiki.

Cultivate Community

They play Cultivate!

Usages: To display a lot of information in a compact fashion for many different items within a group. (ex. Custom Enchantments).

[TABLE, People Who are Awesome, Why they are Awesome]
Nolan, They wrote this Wiki.
Cultivate Community, They play Cultivate!

Image / Video

Subtitle for the Contribution Guide!

Usages: To show off something that cannot explained in text. (ex. Chest Shops).

URL:, Caption: Subtitle for the Contribution Guide!

For a video, replace IMAGE with VIDEO. VIDEO will only accept a YouTube link. If you made a video, it would be preferred to provide a download to the video so that it can be mirrored onto the Cultivate YouTube page (unlisted).


Thank you for reading this extensive guide. If you are still interested in contributing to the Wiki, I greatly appreciate it!

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