Cosmetics - TODO

Cosmetics are features on Cultivate, that do not have a direct effect on gameplay and are used for added enjoyment or utility. Most Cosmetics are controlled by a GUI, which can be accessed with /cosmetics.


If you right click another player, you are able to sit on the top of their head. If a player right clicks you, they will sit on your head. You are able to sit on top of someone who is already sitting on top of someone, to create a chain of people sitting on each other. Enabling this feature in the GUI, allows you to sit on people, and to be sat on. Disabling this feature will not allow either thing to happen.

Disable Global Chat

This feature allows you to ignore public chat, if it becomes too chaotic or distracting. When enabled, only messages from Staff and server broadcasts will play in chat. Server Broadcasts include Alerts, and the Reaction chat game.


This feature allows you to toggle Player Glow, which is a feature that allows you to outline your game character with a colored outline, as shown here:

This can be toggled using /cosmetics, and the color can be selected using /glow. If you have Legendary, you can glow the color that is based off of your level. For example, level 0 will glow light gray.

Drop Check

When enabled, this will prevent the dropping of tools on accident. This enables a confirmation when you drop all tools, and you will be required to press your drop button twice in order to drop a tool. If you don't press the drop button twice within 5 seconds, it will not drop the tool.