Island Management

Extensive Information about how to manage your Skyblock Island. Written by Nolan

Islands are able to be extensively customized to the user's liking. This article will attempt to go over all available Island features on Skyblock.


  • /is: Invite a player to join your island.

  • /is cp: Opens the Island Control Panel

  • /is info: Shows information about your current Island.

  • /is create: Create an Island!

  • /is go: Go to your Island!

  • /is reset: Reset your Island and remove the old one.

  • /is setname: Set the name of your Island.

  • /is resetname: Reset the name of your Island.

  • /is sethome: Set a home at your current location (on Island).

  • /is settings: Display protection settings for your Island.

  • /is ban: Ban a player from your Island.

  • /is unban: Unban a player from your Island.

  • /is banlist: List banned players in chat.

  • /is expel: Expel a player from your Island. Use /is ban for a more permanent solution.

  • /is near: Show Islands which are near you.

  • /border: Toggle the Island Border.

  • /is level: Calculate your Island Level.

  • /is top: Shows a leaderboard of 10 Islands with highest Island Level.

  • /is value: Show the value of a block that is in your hand.

  • /blockvalues: GUI with values of all blocks.

  • /is warps: List all public warps.

  • /is warp <username>: Warp to a warp sign owned by a specific user.

  • /is limits: Show Island Block Limits.

  • /is fly: Toggles Island Fly.

  • /is biomes: Change Island Biome.

  • /is team invite: Invite a player to join your island.

  • /is team leave: Leave your current Island!

  • /is team setowner: Transfer ownership of your Island to someone else.

  • /is team accept: Accept an invite to join a team.

  • /is team reject: Reject an invite to join a team.

  • /is team coop: Make a player CO-OP rank on your Island.

  • /is team uncoop: Remove the CO-OP rank from a player on your island.

  • /is team trust: Give a player TRUSTED rank on your Island.

  • /is team untrust: Remove TRUSTED rank from a player on your Island.

  • /is team promote: Promote a player on your Island up one rank.

  • /is team demote: Demote a player on your Island down one rank.

  • /upgrades: View the Island Upgrades GUI.

  • /ib bal: Check your Island's Bank balance.

  • /ib transactions: Shows a log of the 10 most recent Island Bank Transactions. Transactions surrounded by ** were completed by the server itself, and not a user of your Island.

  • /ib baltop: Show the top 10 highest Island Bank balances.

  • /ib deposit <amount>: Deposit money into the Island Bank.

  • /ib withdraw <amount>: Withdraw money from the Island Bank.


Island Owners (by default) are able to change the Biome of their Island for $35,000 in-game money. There are few uses for this, many of them relating to Fishing (since certain Fish are only available in certain Biomes). There are also some regular gameplay benefits, such as being able to spawn certain mobs more effectively in specific Biomes. Changing a Biome is simple:

  1. If you are the Island Owner, do /is biomes. If you are not the Island Owner, either wait for your Island Owner, or have them change "Biome Protection" to a less strict level in /is settings.

  2. After doing the Biomes command, a GUI will appear. This will have a selection of available Biomes for your Island to adapt. Simply click one, and the Island will change all of the chunks within your Island to that Biome.

  3. In order for the change to show on your client, you will have to leave the Island area for about 15 seconds. You can leave by going to Spawn or to another Island. After this short time has passed, you may go back to your Island by doing /is go. You should now see that the entire Island is the same Biome that you selected.

Island Bank

The Island Bank is a utility available to all Islands, in which they are able to store money which can be used for Island-based Upgrades. This can also be used to transfer money among Island Members. To add/take money from the Island Bank, do the following:

  1. Make sure the money that you would like to transfer is available to you. You can check your money balance by using /balance. Let's assume we want to deposit/withdraw 100 dollars from our Island Bank.

  2. To add money into the Island Bank, use /ib deposit 100. To withdraw money out of the Island Bank, do /ib withdraw 100.

  3. If you wanted to use your Island Bank balance to purchase an upgrade, make sure you have a sufficient amount of money in the Island Bank, and then type /upgrades. Island-based Upgrades can be purchased using the Island Bank.

Island Border

Islands have a visual World Border around them in order to show the constraints of their Island space. This border is not toggle-able for players due to exploits allowing people to travel outside of their own Island space and into the surrounding void. Some people are able to change the Island Border color on their screen. This is entirely visual, and Island Borders will not appear as the same color to everyone on the Island. To change the Island Border color, a user can do the following:

  1. Perform the command, /border. This GUI will show status information and also contains the ability to change the color of the Island Border.

  2. In the middle of the GUI, there will be 3 buttons. These buttons will indicate different/available colors for the Border. Simply press a color, wait 1-2 seconds, and the Border color will change. This Border color will show on all islands that you visit, and your choice is persistent through restarts.

Island Fly / Flying

Flying on Skyblock is a powerful tool which can make Island creation and maintenance very easy. This is a donor exclusive feature which has different levels of power depending on your Donor Rank.

  • People who have the Sacred Rank are able to fly on their own Island, but nowhere else on the server. They can toggle this by using /is fly.

  • People who have the Benefactor Rank are able to fly in many parts of the server. The only places they cannot fly, are in the Nether and on the main End Island due to balancing concerns.

Island Level

Island Level is a leveling system which calculates based on the block composition of your Island. All blocks that are placed on your Island are worth points. When you have 80 points worth of blocks on your Island, it will increase by 1 Level. Increasing your Island's level will help you level up your user, as Island Level is one of a few requirements to level up. To check the value of all blocks, you may use the /blockvalues command to see a GUI of all blocks in Minecraft. To check the value of a block that is in your hand, you may use /is value.

Item Barrels

Item Barrels are an item which allow users to condense many blocks of the same type, in order to take up a 1 block space. This can be used with the following items:

  • Coal Block

  • Gold Block

  • Diamond Block

  • Iron Block

  • Redstone Block

  • Lapis Block

  • Netherite Block

In order to place an Item Barrel, simply do /stacker toggle and then place an eligible block. If you would like to quickly condense blocks, use Shift + Right Click on the Item Barrel to open up a Placing GUI. Place all of the blocks that you want to place, into the GUI. It will then add them to the Item Barrel (up to 1024x). Point Blocks cannot be placed into the GUI, as they are named.

Point Blocks / Point Bricks

Point Blocks are a block within Skyblock, that has the sole purpose of leveling up your Island. It is represented by an End Portal Frame. Each Point Block is worth 150 points (80 Points = 1 Island Level). This block must be placed in order to actually effect your Island Level.

Point Bricks are an item within Skyblock, which are issued to a user every time that they earn a Coin. Coins have a chance to be earned, every time you kill a Mob or farm a Crop. When you earn a Coin, you will also be issued a Point Brick. 20 Point Bricks can be traded in for 1 Point Block at /warp villager with the Skyblock Trader.

Block Blobbing

"Block blobbing" is a term used to describe an action used by exploitative players, who will fill their Island Space with one type of block to artificially inflate their Island Level. This type of action is against the rules, and will not be tolerated on Skyblock. This is typically seen on Islands where they have a big mass of a useless block (ex. a big block of Soul Sand, rather than making a Nether Wart farm that incorporates Soul Sand). Users who take part in this type of exploit will have all of the blocks removed, and their Island/Level possibly reset.

Increasing Island Level

Sometimes, simply building out your Island will not be enough to level up your Island enough. Here are some things you can do to increase your Island Level legally:

  • Quests: Some quests will reward you with +150 Point Blocks. These are a good reward if you do not have the money to build out/level up your Island.

  • Farming: Farming crops will not only give you Coins, but will also give you Point Bricks. Remember, Point Bricks are issued whenever a user earns a Coin, and can be traded in for Point Blocks!

  • Killing Mobs: Much like Farming, you are able to earn Point Bricks from killing Mobs. You are also able to combine this action with things like Quests which allow you to earn even more Point Blocks.

  • Mining: Ore Blocks are able to be used to aggressively level up your Island. These blocks can be infinitely generated by creating a Cobblestone Generator.

Island Settings


Island Teams

Islands are able to have more than one user on them at a time. This group of players is known as the Island's team.

Island Teams by default, can only have a max size of 2 players. This can be increased using Island Upgrades, or by donating.

Please note that Island resources such as farms can only be used by Island Members, Sub-Owners, and Owners given Skyblock Rules.

Team Ranks

All Island Members have ranks with varying permissions on the Island.

  • Owner: This is the primary manager of the Island, and this role is given to the person who creates the Island. There can only be one owner.

  • Sub-Owner: This is someone who had "administrative" permission on the island, similar to the Island Owner. There can be multiple sub-owners.

  • Member: This is the default Island rank. This user will only have limited permissions on the Island by default. They can be given more Island permissions if the Island Owner adjusts the Island Settings.

Non-Team Ranks

People are able to be granted permissions to islands, without actually being part of the Island Team.

  • Trusted: Non-Team Island Member who has permissions on the Island until revoked by the Island Owner.

  • Co-Op: This role will give temporary access/permissions to the Island. This access will go away if the Island Owner undoes it, or if the Co-Oped user logs off.

  • Visitor: This is the default given to any visitor of your Island.

  • Banned: This role is given to those who are banned from your Island.

Island Upgrades

Island Upgrading is a system made to let users trade money (either through Player Balance or Island Bank) to improve something about their Island to make it better for the main purpose of leveling up. To purchase an Upgrade:

  1. Type /upgrades. This will show the Upgrade GUI.

  2. Next, click an Upgrade Category. There should be 5 total Upgrade Categories showing.

  3. Once you've clicked a category, start with Upgrade Level 1. You must purchase the Upgrades in order, and you must purchase all previous upgrades before purchasing one. You cannot skip Upgrades. The menu will restrict you from purchasing an upgrade if you do not have enough money, or if you did not purchase the previous upgrades.

  4. After purchasing an upgrade, depending on the type of upgrade you may need to log out and in again for it to take effect. If you are unsure, try it to ensure the Upgrade took effect.


  • Island Upgrades will perform actions on your Island.

  • Player Upgrades will perform actions on your Player.

  • If you leave your current Island, you will lose access to Island Upgrades!

  • The Island Owner may have to login for an Upgrade to take effect.

  • If your Island Owner has the Benefactor donor rank, you will not need Team Size Upgrades.

Upgrade Types

  • Villager Limit: Increase the amount of Villagers allowed on your Island.

  • Minion Limit: Allows you to have more Minions on your Island.

  • Spawner Limit: Allows you to place more Spawners on your Island.

  • Team Size: Allows you to have more people on your Island Team.

  • Island Size: Expands the boundaries of your Island by 15 blocks in all directions, for each level.

Island Warps

Island Warps are a system used by players in order to allow people to warp to anyone's Island, as long as they have a Warp Sign present. If users meet all of the requirements, they are able to make a Warp Sign to their Island.


  • Your Island Level must be equal to or greater than 10 to create a Warp Sign.

  • Each Island Member can place 1 Warp Sign. If you place a 2nd one, it will disable your old Warp Sign.

  • If you are banned from someone's Island, you cannot use their Warp Sign.

Making a Warp Sign

  1. Find the area that you want people to warp into. This must be a safe area, or the Warp will not teleport users into it.

  2. Place a sign down. The top line must read, "[Warp Sign]" The bottom 3 lines should be a description of the Warp.

  3. If you have additional Island Members, they can also place down signs too!

Using a Warp Sign

  1. If you know the Warp Sign you are trying to go to, you may do /is warp <username>. This will warp you to the Sign instantly.

  2. If you do not know where you are trying to go, you may select a Warp from /is warps. Simply click one in the GUI, and it will teleport you to that Warp.