Gen Buckets

Basic descriptive page written about Gen Buckets. Written by Nolan

Gen Buckets are a custom item that when placed, generate a line of vertical or horizontal blocks of a specific type. The purpose of these buckets is to reduce building time by automatically placing blocks, rather than manually placing blocks. Gen Buckets are not naturally obtainable in game, and are offered via the Webstore, Crates, or the Gen Bucket Voucher. There are a few free ways to get the Gen Bucket Voucher, such as leveling up or from Kits.

Gen Bucket Vouchers

Gen Buckets Vouchers can be exchanged for static sets of Gen Buckets. More exclusive/useful Gen Buckets are available via the Crates system. To use a Gen Bucket Voucher:

1. Place the Gen Bucket in your Inventory. 2. Type the command, /genredeem. Inside of this menu, click the button that represents the type of Gen Bucket you want. It will exchange your Voucher for the Gen Buckets.


  • When a Gen Bucket is obstructed by a block, the Gen Bucket will not replace the obstructing block, and will stop the block generation process.

  • Horizontal Gen Buckets must be placed up against another block.

  • Users may only place 10 Gen Buckets at a time.

  • All Gen Buckets have a pre determined max length of 150 Blocks.

  • Gen Buckets cannot be used in areas where users do not have permission to build.


Here is a quick video showcasing both types of Gen Buckets. In the video, we place one Vertical Gen Bucket, and one Horizontal Gen Bucket. We also showcase how a Horizontal Gen Bucket must be placed in order to be used correctly (up against a block).