Tutorial - Skyblock

The purpose of this page is to provide a quick, text-based tutorial on how to start playing Cultivate Skyblock, effectively. Written by Brod3n and Nolan.

Steps to Start Playing

1. Read the Rules! You can also view them in game at /rules. There are some specific rules that apply to this game mode, and they are important!

2. Once you have reviewed the rules, you are ready to create an Island! You may do this with /is create. There are many different islands to choose from, and you can see what they look like at /warp islandpreview. Once you have chosen an Island Type, you may invite friends to your Island! To do this, use /is team invite <username>.

3. Now that you have your Island, you can start playing! There are so many things to do in Skyblock: Mining, Farming, Fishing, Building, Villager Trading, and more! All of these actions can contribute to leveling up your user!

4. You can review some of the available commands in game with /help or on this wiki! You can learn all about Island Management as well!

Earning Money

On Skyblock, there are many different ways to make money. Money is used to progress through levels, which give Kits, Items, Crate Keys, and other special bonuses. Some ways of getting money include:

  • Mob Farms: Killing creatures and selling their loot can earn a fair amount of money, as well as earning you Coins. You can find information about building a starter mob farm here.

  • Crop Farming: Crops such as Potatoes, Sugar Cane, and Melons sell for a good amount of money, and earn you a few Coins too.

  • Mining: The Ore Blocks from a Cobblestone Generator can be used to level up your island or sold for money. More information about Ore Generators can be found here.

  • Fishing: Custom fish can be caught and sold to /fish shop to earn money. As you fish more, you can unlock augments for your rod which allow you to catch more fish! More information about custom fishing can be found here.

  • Selling to Players: Many things that can be found in this game can be sold to other players. Items like tools, building materials, and enchanted books are common in this category, and can earn you a decent sum of money.

Listed here are some important commands for earning money:

  • /sell - Used to sell items in exchange for money.

  • /prices - Used to check item pricing.

  • /shop - Used to buy items from the Cultivate Shop using in-game money.

  • /levelup - Used to levelup your profile to the next level.

  • /maxlevelup - Used to levelup as many times as possible. Use this when leveling up many times. Ranking up excessively can result in a warning for Spam.

  • /buy - Used to see a GUI containing information about the Cultivate Webstore.


When first joining the server, Voting is considered to be a quick, easy way to gain starter money and valuable blocks to build out your island. You can learn more about voting by clicking here.

Daily Bonus

Every day, you earn some money just by joining the server and doing /db. You earn more money the more days you log in, but after 7 days, you start at the beginning. Along with Voting, the Daily Bonus is one of the best ways to make money as a beginner.

Additional Basic Commands

  • /is cp - Has many useful commands, such as managing your island members, checking your island level, or viewing Skyblock Quests.

  • /pointshop - Use this to open the Network Point shop! This is where you would redeem Voting Points!

  • /seen <username> - Shows when a user was last online. The username argument will only accept a Minecraft username, and not nicknames.

  • /co i - Allows you to see block history of the block you click with left and right clicks.

  • /help - Used to bring you to the Cultivate Help Menu, which has plugin specific commands. This has been adopted on the wiki here.

  • /levels - Shows the rewards ladder for Levels. Shows requirements and rewards for every in-game level available in the game.

  • /rh - Request help from a moderator. ONLY USE THIS IF YOU NEED HELP!

  • /bar <cash/level/goal> - Used to change which level up objective is displayed at the top of your screen. This can show you either the required balance, island level, or the miscellaneous goal that you must complete to level up.

  • /bar <disable/enable> - Allows you to disable or enable the Leveling Bossbar.


  1. Where do I use Crate Keys? You can use Crate Keys by doing /crates, and right click your key on the Light Gray Shulker Boxes. You can left click these blocks for previews of each Crate available in the game.

  2. How do I display an item into chat? When typing a chat message or private message, use [item] as a placeholder for the item you are holding in your hand.

  3. What are Island Levels? You can learn about Island Levels by clicking here.

  4. What are Coins? Coins are a secondary currency that can be earned by killing Mobs and farming Crops. Every Mob and Crop has a chance to give you Coins, and these rates can be seen in /coinsinfo. Coins can be redeemed in the Coin Shop (/coinshop) for Items, Kits, and Special Perks.