Tutorial - Survival
The purpose of this page is to display a quick, text-based tutorial on how to start out on Cultivate. Written by Nolan.

Steps to Start Playing

1. Read the Rules! You can also view them in game at /rules. There are some specific rules that apply to our game mode, and they are important! 2. Find land via random teleportation with /rtp in game. You can read more about random teleport here. 3. Create a farm and claim your land. You can read more about Claiming, or use /claiming. You must be at least 100 blocks away from another player as per the server rules! 4. You can review some of the available commands in game with /help or on this wiki! Read more about Commands here!

Earning Money

Sell crops to the server in exchange for money. Money is used to progress through ranks. Ranks give commands, kits, and new sell shops.
  • /sell - Used to sell items in exchange for items at your current rank.
  • /prices - Used to check item pricing at your current rank.
  • /shop - Used to buy items from the Cultivate Shop using in-game money.
  • /rankup - Used to rankup your profile to the next level.
  • /maxrankup - Used to rankup as many times as possible. Use this when ranking up many times. Ranking up excessively can result in a warning for Spam.
  • /buy - Used to see a GUI containing information about the Cultivate Webstore.​


When first joining the server, Voting is considered to be a quick, easy way to gain starter money to build out a farm. You can learn more about voting by clicking here.​

Additional Information

  • /claimslist - Provides information about your claimed land, including how many claim blocks were used for a claim, and location of your claims. This is helpful if you lost your claim.
  • /pointshop - Use this to open the Network Point shop! This is where you would redeem Voting Points!
  • /seen <username> - Shows when a user was last online. The username argument will only accept a Minecraft username, and not nicknames.
  • /co i - Allows you to see block history of the block you click with left and right clicks.
  • /help - Used to bring you to the Cultivate Help Menu, which has plugin specific commands. This has been adopted on the wiki here.
  • /ranks - Shows the rewards ladder for Ranks. Shows price and rewards for every in-game rank available in the game.
  • /rh - Request help from a moderator. ONLY USE THIS IF YOU NEED HELP!


How Many Homes Can I Set?
You can set up to 5 unique homes, to start. Use /sethome name to set a home at your current location. You can teleport to homes at any point in time, from any location. Additional homes are available through leveling up, or donating.
Where do I use Crate Keys?
You can use Crate Keys by doing /crates, and right click your key on the Green Shulker Boxes that are surrounded by particles. You can left click these blocks for previews of each Crate available in the game.
How do I display an item into chat?
When typing a chat message or private message, use [item] as a placeholder for the item you are holding in your hand.