Basic information about all of Cultivate's custom automated actions (Pickup, Smelt, Block, Sell, Replant). Originally written by FabulousTechno, cleaned up by Nolan.


  • /auto - Opens the Automations GUI. Can also be done with /automations.
  • /autopickup - Toggles Auto Pickup.
  • /autoblock - Toggles Auto Block.
  • /autosmelt - Toggles Auto Smelt.
  • /autosell - Toggles Auto Sell.
  • /autoreplant - Toggles Auto Replant.
Most Automations are dependent on Auto Pickup being enabled (except on Skyblock).

Auto Pickup

Auto Pickup is a mechanism that will allow you to automatically get drops placed into your inventory, from block breaking. This is a helpful feature because it allows you to conveniently break blocks without having to worry and find where the item stack went. This is available by default for all Survival players.
On Skyblock, Auto Pickup is disabled. However, valuable items like Spawners and Chunk Hoppers will go directly to a user's inventory. There is also an option in /settings called Near Player Drops, which will teleport item drops closer to the player.

Auto Block

Auto Block is a mechanism which will allow you to automatically make blocks out of specific materials when you have enough of them in your inventory. This is a helpful feature because it allows you to skip the crafting process if you have a lot of one material. This is available via donation on both Survival and Skyblock.
With Auto Block Enabled: If you have 9 Iron Ingots in your inventory, it will turn them into 1 Iron Block.
NOTE: This only works for specific, whitelisted materials/blocks.
Eligible Materials
Crafted Block
Iron Ingot (9)
Iron Block
Gold Ingot (9)
Gold Block
Diamond (9)
Diamond Block
Emerald (9)
Emerald Block
Lapis (9)
Lapis Block
Redstone (9)
Redstone Block
Coal (9)
Coal Block
Bricks (4)
Nether Bricks (9)
Nether Brick
Quartz (4)
Quartz Block
Popped Chorus Fruit (4)
Purpur Block
Magma Cream (4)
Magma Block
Bonemeal (9)
Bone Block

Auto Smelt

Auto Smelt is a mechanism which will allow you to automatically smelt blocks that enter your inventory, which are eligible to be smelted. This is a helpful feature because it allows you to skip the smelting process if you have a lot of materials or don't have the coal necessary to smelt. This action can also combine with Auto Block. This is available via donation on both Survival and Skyblock.
With Auto Smelt Enabled: If you break an Iron Ore, it will instantly turn into an Iron Ingot.
There are certain materials which do not Auto Smelt.

Ineligible Materials

  • Logs (All Types)
  • Cactus
  • Potatoes
  • Kelp
  • Chorus Fruit

Auto Sell

Auto Sell is a mechanism which will allow you to sell items instantly after breaking them. This is extremely convenient because you can continuously farm without having to use /sell or /sellall when your inventory is full. This will only sell items which are in /prices.

Auto Replant

Auto Replant is the mechanism used by players which will allow them to automatically replant a crop, .375 seconds after it has been harvested. It is based on a chance, which is generated by MCMMO's Herbalism Skill. In order to get 100% Replant ability, you must achieve a Herbalism skill level of 1500. The chance of replanting increases as you level. While the chance of Replant is based on Herbalism, this automation is custom coded and not the same as MCMMO's. This allows us more flexibility and compatibility with other custom server features.
To the best of our knowledge, these are the Replant Chances for Auto Replant currently. Your mileage may vary due to a number of factors (such as internet connection, server performance etc). Report any issues that you may have on Discord.
Herbalism Level
Growth Stage
Replant Chance
0 - 199
0% - 13.3%
199 - 399
13.3% - 26.7%
400 - 599
26.7% - 40%
600 - 799
40% - 53.3%
800 - 1500
53.5% - 100%

Automation Filters

There are filters for all 4 automation functions. To access the filter page, go into the /auto GUI and right click the icon of the function you would like to filter. Then click the item in your inventory to add it to the filter. Clicking the item in the menu will remove it.
Auto Sell filter which is filtering for Arrows. Arrows will NOT be effected by Auto Sell.

Crop Adjust / Bonus

Crop Adjust is a system in which users are able to earn bonus crops on top of their normal amounts from breaking crops. This will result in getting 1 additional crop per hit. These are typically given out as either Crate rewards, or as rewards for completing specific quests depending on the gamemode. A user is able to check which Crop Bonuses they have unlocked by doing /cropadjust and viewing the GUI. The "Bonus" Calculation works like this: When you break the Crop, it will take whatever amount you were supposed to get, and would add 1 additional to the Item Stack. Because of this, it is sometimes hard to spot on Crops that are effected by the Fortune enchantment, due to those crops giving different amounts on every hit. If you are using Auto Replant, it will also take one crop to replant as well, which happens regardless of application of the bonus.

GUI Features

The following features are access by buttons in the /auto GUI.
Visual of the /auto GUI.
  • Full Inventory Notification - While enabled, it will let you know when your inventory is full while using Auto Pickup. This will do nothing if Auto Pickup is disabled. (Redstone Lamp/Glowstone)
  • Block Items - Turns the eligible items in your inventory into blocks. This is equivalent to using Auto Block on the items currently in your inventory. (Iron Ingot)
  • Smelt Items - Smelts the eligible items in your inventory. This is equivalent to using Auto Smelt on the items currently in your inventory. (Coal)
  • Sell Items - Sells all sell-able items in your inventory to your highest available sell shop. This is equivalent to running the /sellall command. (Diamond)