Color Codes + Chat Emotes

Quick descriptive page on how to use color codes/chat emotes on Cultivate. Written by Nolan

Players are able to use Color Codes on Cultivate to color many different texts. This can be a user's nickname, text in chat, text on a sign, or text on an item. This page will serve as a quick description as to how to write in color on Cultivate! Don't be an asshole with any of the features presented here, you will lose access if you abuse color/formatting.


What all of these Text Examples look like without any Resource Pack.
#Regular Color
#Regular Color + Bold
#Regular Color + Bold + Italic
#RGB Color
#RGB Color + Bold
#RGB Color + Bold + Italic

Our first example is using the Lime Green color code, in order to color the word "hello". To use a color code without any other formatting, simply type the color code ("&a" in this case) as pictured above, and then the text that you want to use without any spacing between the color code and the text you are trying to write. The second example is using multiple codes to add color and formatting to the same text ("hello"). This will make the text appear as Lime Green, and bolded. To use a color and formatting, simply write the color code (&a) and THEN the formatting code (&l) as pictured above. After typing the codes, write your text. If you want to use more than one formatting code, simply continue adding codes after the initial color code. The third example is using a hexadecimal color code (Hex or RGB) to write our text in a shade of Red only available in Minecraft via RGB. The RGB Code in this example is #FF253C. Surround it with <> and then write your text, with no spaces in between as pictured above. Our final example is using a hexadecimal color code (Hex or RGB) and formatting codes to write our text in a shade of Red only available in Minecraft via RGB, while bolded. The formatting code (&l for bold) goes after the RGB color code (<#FF253C> in this case). To add more than one format, simply continue adding formatting codes after the RGB Color Code.

Usable Color Codes

Here are all of the Color Codes that can be used on Cultivate

Color / Formatting Code





Lime Green



Aqua Blue



Light Red












Dark Blue



Dark Green



Dark Aqua



Dark Red












Dark Gray













What the colors look like in game using no resource pack.


Beginning Color: #FFFFFF
Ending Color: #000000
Gradient: <g:#FFFFFF:#000000>type your message here
Gradient + bold: [b]<g:#FFFFFF:#000000>type your message here[/b]
Gradient + italics: [i]<g:#FFFFFF:#000000>type your message here[/i]
Gradient + bold + italics: [b][i]<g:#FFFFFF:#000000>type your message here[/i][/b]
Showcase of the Gradient system.

Gradient is a feature in which a user can quickly progress letters within a phrase through specific colors to make a visually appealing text effect.


Red: [red]hello, this is a red message!
Dark Red: [darkred]hello, this is a dark red message
Red + Dark Red Message: [red]hello, this is a [darkred]Dark Red message!
Red + Bold: [red][b]this is a red and bold message[/b]
Red + Italics: [red][i]this is a red and italicized message![/i]
Red + Bold + Italics: [red][i][b]this is a red, bold and italicized message[/b][/i]
RGB + Bold: [b]<#FF253C>hello, this is a bolded rgb message[/b]

Markdown options presented here are an optional way of using color and formatting in Cultivate's chat. The only place that they are required, is in combination with gradients.

Chat Emotes

Here are all of our usable Chat Emotes (simply type the first column into chat, and in chat it will appear as the second column).






(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻






(´-´ )






(≖_≖ )








( ᴛ︵ᴛ)


( '°o°' )








( ˙O˙)