Daily Bonus
Basic Information about how Daily Bonus works. Written by Nolan.
Daily Bonus describes the system used to give out rewards for players who continually login. The more consecutive days that you are logged in, the better the reward gets! If you miss a day, the streak resets back to the first reward (Day 1). At the end of the reward chain (Day 7), the rewards start over.


  • /db or /dailybonus - Brings up the menu used to collect Daily Bonus. This also appears when you login.
  • /dbtoggle - Allows you to toggle whether or not the Daily Bonus menu appears when you login. A chat update is sent to you when your Daily Bonus is available to collect if you have the login menu disabled.

Exploit Protection

By default, Daily Bonus is locked via IP. We realize that families, friends and significant others may use the same IP to play. If this is the case, you are able to request a Daily Bonus unlock, which would allow people on the same IP to collect their Daily Bonus. Contact a Staff Member if this is the case for you, with the usernames of all people affected.