Economy + Farm Design
Basic overview and some tutorials on farm design. Also, some information on Cultivate's economy. Written by rockysnoopy123, FabulousTechno and Nolan.
This section is dedicated to showing the best practices for Farm Design. First, note that there are two different methods: Manual and Automatic Farming.

Manual Farming

The most profitable manual farms rely on being harvested by a tool that has a Fortune enchantment. The higher the level of Fortune, the more crops yielded per crop broken. Fortune can be applied to multiple tools, including hoes. Crops currently affected by the Fortune enchantment are Carrots, Potatoes, Melons, Beetroots, Wheat, Cocoa Beans, Berries, and Nether Wart. However, the most common/profitable crops are Carrots, Potatoes, and Nether Wart.
The efficiency of manual farming can be improved by having access to Auto Replant. Auto Replant is unlocked at level 1500 Herbalism in MCMMO . The most common way to achieve Auto Replant is by farming sugar cane. Auto Replant allows you to break a crop and automatically it is replaced with a seed of that crop from your inventory, .375 seconds after the crop is broken.

Automatic Farming

Automatic farms can be extremely beneficial, especially when paired with manual farms. The area loaded by a player on Cultivate is always 7x7 chunks (3 in every direction excluding the one you are in), viewable with F3+G (on Windows). You can use this to your advantage by building your farms within that radius, so it is always loaded when harvesting another farm.
The cheapest automatic farm to make is a cactus farm, which requires the least amount of materials to construct. The best way to make large profits from automatic farming is done with scale. Automatic melon, pumpkin and sugar cane farms can also be very profitable. (Intentionally laggy/automatic crop farms that abuse redstone or mechanic that causes lag, may be removed without warning. Refer to the serverโ€™s rules.)

Crop Prices

When first deciding a new farm to build the sell price of a crop is very important. To see what the current price of a crop is, use /prices. Crop prices typically increase with your Level. From there you can decide which you want to begin farming. At the beginning of your time on Cultivate, earning money may seem difficult. However, earning money typically becomes easier as your farm scales up over time. The main objective on Cultivate is to farm (and have fun)!

Farm Examples

Since describing all of this isn't very helpful, a number of galleries have been linked below showing best practices when making certain types of farms. These designs are used by significant portions of the Cultivate community, but ultimately you should decide on using what is most efficient for you.
NOTE: According to Cultivate Rules, any exploit or โ€œ0-tickโ€ farms are not allowed. If you are unsure about your farm design, ask a member of staff or look at /fullrules.

Sugar Cane Farm

  • Example of a Simple Sugar Cane Manual Farm design.
  • Another view of the Sugar Cane Farm Design.

Carrot/Potato Farm

  • Example of a simple Carrot and Potato 9x9 farm that works with most crops. More difficult to stack because they need light to grow.
  • Another view of this farm, with crops planted.

Nether Wart Farm

  • Example of a Nether Wart Farm design. This uses Trapdoors to make the crops easier to line up and harvest.
  • First-Person view of this Farm Design.
  • Elevated view of this Farm Design.

Manual Pumpkin / Melon Farm

  • Basic example of a Manual Pumpkin/Melon Farm.

Cactus Farm

  • Simple Automatic Cactus Farm Design. Slabs, Sand, Cactus, Fences.
  • A closer view of the Farm Design.

Automatic Sugar Cane Farm


Farming Strategies

Other than the aforementioned โ€œstackingโ€ of farms in a 7x7 chunk area, over time Cultivate players have developed various tips and tricks to farm faster, quicker, and easier. Lining up your cross-hair to break multiple crops at once*, getting the perfect speed to hit every crop, and having enough layers to farm non-stop are some of the best ones; however, /fly helps you not only move around quickly, but it can help you move faster and construct farms quicker. You can purchase /fly in the Cultivate store, or unlock it as a levelup reward at Level 192.
Method to break up to 4 Nether Wart at once. (Zoom in to see cross-hair position)
Method to only break 1 Nether Wart at a time. (Zoom in to see cross-hair position)