Information about Cultivate's Elevator Blocks! Originally written by blackhawkjag, maintained by Nolan.
Elevators are blocks which allow you to travel through floors conveniently and without ladders. They only consume one block, and are used by jumping to go up, and sneaking to go down.

Crafting Elevator Blocks

Crafting an Elevator Block is extremely simple. You need the following items:
  • 4x Wool - The color of the wool will determine the color of the elevator.
  • 1x Ender Pearl
  • 4x Shulker Shell
Place these items in a crafting table using the following recipe:
Recipe for a default Black Elevator!

How to Use Elevator Blocks

In order to use Elevator Blocks, you need to craft at least two of them. These Elevator blocks must be the same color in order to work with each other. You can place them 20 blocks apart (22 if you include the elevator blocks). They must line up vertically with each other. If they are not lined up with each other, they will not work. The elevator will not teleport you if the receiving elevator is blocked. This is to prevent suffocation.

Misc. Information

  • Elevators can be affected by land claims, and their usage can be protected by land claim owners (Survival), or Island Owners (Skyblock). To toggle this protection, shift + right click on an elevator.
  • Elevators can be placed in any orientation, but you can only travel vertically.
  • Elevators can be multiple colors, but they will ALWAYS be a Shulker Box. Plan accordingly!