Basic description/information about the Jobs system. Written by mummieman and Nolan
The Jobs system is a way in which players are able to earn money and rewards from completing basic tasks within Minecraft. This could be something as simple as mining, brewing a potion, farming etc. Jobs are typically under-powered, but add an additional element of fun to the server.
The Jobs system is meant to provide supplemental income. It is NOT a primary source of income.


  • /jobs - Display the primary Jobs GUI. Within this menu you can join a job, leave a job, see rewards for each job along with additional information about each Job.
  • /jobs join <jobname> - Join a specified Job.
  • /jobs leave <jobname> - Leave a specified Job.
  • /jobs leaveall - Leave ALL Jobs.
  • /jobs stats - Displays Job Level and XP information for Jobs that you have joined.
  • /jobs top <jobname> - Show a Leaderboard for the specified job.
  • /jobs gtop - Show a Global Jobs Leaderboard.
  • /jobs info <jobname> - Show info about a specific Job.
  • /jobs clearownership - Clear ownership data for Furnaces and Brewing Stands.

Job Types

  • Farmer: This job is based around farming crops, and replanting certain seeds.
  • Woodcutter: This job is based around breaking different types of Wood, Logs, and Leaves.
  • Miner: This job is based around mining for different ores and minerals.
  • Builder: This job is based around placing blocks and building structures.
  • Digger: This job is based around digging up blocks.
  • Fisherman: This job is based around fishing.
Specific actions and eligible blocks can be found by using the /jobs command, and left clicking the appropriate icon.


Output of /jobs stats
Output of /jobs top Miner

Misc. Information

  • You can have up to 3 different Jobs at each time.
  • There is no penalty from leaving or joining a Job. This is to prevent receiving leveling rewards twice.
  • Each Job will give different rewards for hitting a level milestone. This was added in Season 4.
  • Hunter job will allow you to use Mobs from Spawners.
  • Brewer job does not support auto brewing.