Information about Cultivate's Kit system. Written by Nolan.

Kits refer to the recurring collections of items that you are able to earn and redeem on the server. Kits can be earned through leveling, Donor Ranks, or in the Point Shop (Skyblock).


  • /kits - Opens the Cultivate Kit Menu. You can click icons to issue yourself kits.

  • /kit <name> - Issues the kit that is specified in the command. If there is an overflow of items, they will drop on the ground.

  • /kitpreview <name> - Opens a GUI which will show the contents of a Kit. If items are issued through command, they will not appear here (ex. Chunk Hoppers).

NOTE: If a Kit contains something that is not a physical item (ex. Claim Blocks), then it will not appear in the Kit Preview.

Survival Kits

Kit Vouchers

When progressing through levels in game, you will receive Kit Vouchers. These vouchers can be used to redeem specific kits. This allows for flexibility in the ranking system, as you can redeem kits in any order that you desire.

1. Place the Kit Voucher in your inventory, and then into your hand. 2. Right Click the Voucher. A GUI will appear. 3. Left Click on the Kit that you want to redeem. 4. You have just unlocked access to the kit! Do /kit <name> to redeem the kit that you just unlocked. Example: If you unlocked the Cactus Kit, you would do /kit cactus to redeem it.

Kit Tiers

On Survival, Kits that are earned through level progression are tiered. The three tiers are Common, Mid, and Rare. As you progress through Cultivate, the kits that you earn are going to be better, and hopefully more useful.

Kit Tier



Levels 0-60


Levels 64-132


Levels 136-200

Skyblock Kits

On Skyblock, Kits are currently unlocked through leveling and Donor Ranks. Their rewards are typically aligned with the level of the user. Kits in Skyblock play a minimal role in order to avoid the P2W tendencies that they tend to breed (for example, Season 1's Kit System).


There is currently a known bug on Survival where people may occasionally lose permissions to Kits. The cause is unknown. If this happens to you, simply report it on Discord with your username, and the kits that you need access to. We will restore access to them. To help us solve this, some information would be very helpful when reporting:

  • What kits you redeemed

  • When you redeemed them

  • How long you had access to them before losing it.

  • Any other information you feel is relevant.