Explains the in-game leveling system for Survival. Written by mummieman and Nolan
The main objective of Cultivate is to obtain money in order to level up. The long term goal, is to reach the maximum level possible. Right now, this is P3 200. There are currently over 200 levels for you to achieve! Levels start at 0, increment by 4, and go all the way to 200. The costs of each level will increase as your progression continues. To counteract this, the amount of money that you can sell crops for, will increase. The main way to earn money within Cultivate Survival is to sell crops, since it is a Farming Economy server.
To learn more about the best ways to earn money, check out Economy + Farm Design. This article only covers it briefly.


  • /ranks - Opens a GUI with information about the cost and rewards of all levels.
  • /sell <level> - Opens a GUI which allows you to select a Sell Shop to use in order to sell items. Providing the "level" argument will open the selling menu for that particular level.
  • /sellall - Sells all eligible items in your inventory to your highest unlocked shop.
  • /prices - shows a list of items you can sell with /sell the prices are depending on what level you are.
  • /rankup - will use your money to purchase one level at a time.
  • /maxrankup - Command that will attempt to level you up as far as possible, with all of the money that is available to you.
  • /prestige - Read information about Prestige
  • /prestigecredits - Print your Prestige Credit Balance to chat.
  • /shop prestige - Open the Prestige Credit Shop GUI.

Sell Shops

Sell Shops are where you are able to sell off items for money, in order to level and buy various items on the server. The items that will be the most valuable, are going to be crops. These are farm-able items such as Wheat, Beetroot, Potato, Carrot, Cactus, Nether Wart, etc. For a more comprehensive list and crop pricing info, check out /prices in game. New Sell Shops are unlocked by progressing through the levels. In regular leveling (not Prestige), these shops are unlocked every 3 levels. For example, you unlock your 2nd Sell Shop at level 12. Your 3rd Sell Shop will then be unlocked at level 24 (increment by 4, remember?). The 3rd Sell Shop is going to have higher pricing than the 2nd Sell Shop, and you should always use the highest Sell Shop available in order to get the most money. Use /sellall to accomplish this. Sell Shops within the Prestige leveling system are different. There are 6 of them, and they are unlocked using Prestige Credits.

Prestige System

After getting to max level (200), a player may choose to Prestige. This is where the user can go through all of the levels again, with some added challenge.

Notable Changes

  • Levels will cost significantly more. When you first Prestige, your balance and unlocks will be reset.
  • Sell Shops are unlocked at different levels, and are more difficult.
  • These rewards are earned by purchasing them with Prestige Credits. For every other levelup, you earn 1 Prestige Credit.

Specific Rules

Rules for prestige are located in game at /prestige. Any abuse in Prestige will result in a reset or perm ban.
NOTE: Prestige is an optional, additional part of the game made for the server's most hardcore users. If you don't like it, don't play it.