Redirect about MCMMO. We cannot in good conscience update documentation about MCMMO. Short explanation of MCMMO Credits. Written by Nolan.

We currently use what is known as the "overhauled" version of MCMMO. This version of MCMMO has it's own documentation which can be found here. We will provide bare-bones documentation about MCMMO, enough to get started with it. We are not able to update documentation about MCMMO itself alongside Cultivate's own documentation.

There are some scenarios in which our anticheat MAY block MCMMO features. Report all occurrences of this on Discord.


  • /<skillname> - Shows information about specific skills. (ex. /herbalism).

  • /mcscoreboard keep - Keeps current MCMMO scoreboard on screen.

  • /mcscoreboard clear - Clears current MCMMO scoreboard off screen.

  • /mcstats - Shows you current levels in all Skills.

  • /mctop skillname - Shows Leaderboard for specified skills.

  • /rupturetoggle - Toggle the Rupture ability for Swords (Skyblock Only).

MCMMO Credits

MCMMO Credits are a currency which are used on Cultivate in order to obtain more MCMMO Skill Levels (or XP on Skyblock). These can be obtained by donating, leveling up, or in various types of Crates on all servers.


  • /credits <player> - Check your MCMMO Credit balance. Add a player's name to see their MCMMO Credit balance.

  • /redeem <skillname> <amount> - Redeem your MCMMO Credits into a particular skill. For example, doing /redeem herbalism 1500 on Survival, would give me 1500 additional Herbalism skill levels.

Conversion Rates

Survival: 1 MCMMO Credit = 1 Level in any skill. Skyblock: 1 MCMMO Credit = 1 XP in any skill.