Information about Cultivate's Parkour mini game. Written by Nolan


  • /parkour - Pulls up the Cultivate Parkour Menu.

  • Left Click a Map to start up Parkour.

  • Right Click a Map to see the leaderboard for that specific map.

How to Play

  1. Type /parkour into chat.

  2. Choose a map by left clicking.

  3. You will be teleported to the map and a countdown will start.

  4. Complete the map by jumping across platforms to reach the finish line.

Parkour Inventory

Your inventory is replaced with a hotbar of items that have very useful functions. When the map concludes, you will get your old inventory back.

  • Change Map: This button allows you to change the Parkour Map that you are currently on.

  • Respawn: This button allows you to respawn at the last checkpoint you just passed.

  • Player Visibility: This button allows you to toggle Player Visibility. If the Dye is Lime, then players are invisible. If it is Gray, then players are visible.

  • Reset: This buttons allows you to respawn at the beginning of the map.

  • Leave Map: This button allows you to leave the map.

  • Grappling Hook: For the "Grapple" Map, a Grappling Hook is added to your offhand. It is required to complete the map.


For each map, there is a Network Wide Leaderboard. This leaderboard will show the top 5 fastest times for a specific map. IF we find that a time set for a map is not realistic, we will ask for recorded proof of a similar time by the user. If this is not provided within 2 days, the user will be removed from the Leaderboard and banned from setting records on all Parkour leaderboards. They can also face a possible ban for cheating. Obvious times which have been cheated, are going to be removed without investigation. In the event that this happens, users who were previously in the top 5 can simply complete the map once and the leaderboard will refresh with the correct information.