Basic information about the Party Chat system on Cultivate. Written by Nolan
The Party Chat system allows users to talk in their own chat rooms while playing on any server within our Network. There are many features available in this system that will be outlined here.


  • /party - Shows a Party GUI which helps do basic Party Management.
  • /party help - Displays the Party Help menu. Hover over the subcommands in the chat to see what they all do.
  • /party create - Creates a Party with the name you specify.
  • /partychat or /pc - Allows all regular chat to be sent to the party without having to do the command. You will see an actionbar in chat when this is enabled.
  • /party leave - Leaves your current Party.
  • /party ignore - Allows you to not see Party Chat at all. Re-use the command to toggle.
  • /party invite - Invite a specific user to your Party.
  • /party deny - Deny an invite to a specific Party.
  • /party accept - Accept an invite to a specific Party.
  • /party setleader - Pass Party Leadership to another member of your Party. If you do this, you will also leave the Party.
  • /party delete - This will disband your current Party if you are the Party Leader.
  • /party kick - Kick someone from your Party if you are the Party Leader.
  • /party rename - Renames your Party if you are the Party Leader.
  • /party votekick - If not the Party Leader, start a vote to kick a user out of the Party. Only a majority of the party's members have to vote to kick the user successfully.
  • /party info - Shows General Information and Stats about your Party in chat.

How to Start a Party

  1. 1.
    Create a Party using /party create. The name field is what you want your Party to be called.
  2. 2.
    Party Chat alone is useless! You need to invite friends into it with /party invite. The user must be online to accept the Party Chat invite. They will be prompted in chat to do so.
  3. 3.
    You are both now in Party Chat! You are able to talk by either using /partychat, /pc, or by toggling Party Chat mode with just /pc. Party Chat mode will intercept your regular chat and send it to Party Chat.

Misc. Information

  • Party Chat works on all available servers, including the Hubs.
  • Party Chat content must adhere to all Cultivate rules.