Information about Cultivate's Quest System. Written by Nolan

The Questing system on Cultivate is a system that is in place in order to give user rewards for completing a variety of tasks. These tasks have a wide range of difficulty, from easy to very challenging. Most tasks required for Quest completion are time consuming, so that users can spend time away from their usual routine, whether that be farming, mining or building. On the server, you may see all quests you are currently eligible for by using /quests, and navigating through the GUIs.


  • /quests - Shows main Quests GUI. Navigate to Quests using this menu.

  • /quests progress - Shows current Quest progression for all quests.

  • /quests cancel - Shows GUI which is used to cancel any Active Quests.

  • /quests actionbar - Toggles Quest Actionbar from appearing.

  • /quests menu -active - Shows GUI which displays all Active Quests.


Rewards for each Quest are listed in game, by visiting /quests. Within that GUI system, each Quest will tell you what the reward for it is. Below is a small list of reward types by server. Skyblock's quest system was made much more recently than Survivals, and is therefore much more robust for rewards.

Survival Reward Types

  • Money

  • Seasonal Crate Keys

  • Quest Crate Key

Skyblock Reward Types


  • On Survival, users may only have 5 quests active at a time. You will not be able to start Quests if you have 5 of them active.

  • On Skyblock, users may only have 5-12 quests active at a time. You will not be able to start Quests if you are 5 of them active. The amount you can have active is based on Donor Rank.

  • Some Quests have limitations on where they can be progressed, or how they can be progressed. This information will be available in the Quests GUI. This may mean that some quests can only be progressed in certain worlds, or that certain may only be progressed by using specific block or entity types.

  • Most Quests are hierarchical, meaning they will require completion of the previous quest in order to be started. If this is applicable, it will be stated in the Quest's description in the GUI.

NPC Quest Events

This is a type of event which requires interaction with NPCs in order to complete Quests. These Quests have a much different play style than the usual Quests that are normally available to users. Here are some quick pointers for how to participate in those Quests:

  1. If the NPC Quest requires dialog, you can progress through it by right clicking the relevant NPC. This will prompt the NPC to talk to you. There is no automatic dialog progression currently.

  2. If the NPC Quest requires you to hand in or exchange items, you can do this by right clicking the NPC with the relevant items in your inventory.

  3. To start a Quest with a NPC, you may do this by right clicking the NPC.

  4. If the NPC Quest requires you to pay a fee, this will be taken automatically. Simply right click the NPC to proceed through prompts and then the Quest will automatically charge you.

  5. Some of these NPC Quests have multiple objectives. These objectives must be completed in order.

What a NPC will typically look like in an Event area.