This is a description of the Reaction mini game which is available on Cultivate, written by Nolan
The Reaction Mini Game is a chat based mini game on Cultivate which occasionally prompts users in chat to type a randomly generated phrase, before anyone else. The current prize for this mini game is $3,500 in-game money. This chat mini-game is now available on all game mode servers. You cannot participate in this chat game from mobile chatting apps.


  • /reaction - See the Top Reaction Players Leaderboard. This shows the top 10 players who have the most Reaction wins on the server you are currently on.

How to Play

1. When the Reaction message pops up in chat, hover your mouse over it to see the phrase. 2. Quickly type the random phrase into chat. It IS case-sensitive. 3. If you typed it before all other users, you win!
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