Information about Voting, and Network Points. Written by Nolan.

Voting for the server allows players to earn a variety of rewards every 24 hours and helps support the server. Voting is accessible to every player.


  • /vote - Opens a Book containing six links to Voting websites.

  • /pointshop <gamemode> - Opens a shop GUI that allows players to purchase Ranks, Commands, Sell Rods, etc.. This shop uses Network Points as currency. Specify a gamemode to go to a specific point shop.

  • /prizes - After voting while offline, using this command will allow you to receive your rewards.

  • /profile - You are able to check your Network Point balance in your Player Profile.

  • /voterewards - GUI which issues free Vote Rewards for hitting voting milestones.

Vote Links

Minecraft MP: LINK TOP G: LINK MCSL: LINK Minecraft Servers: LINK Minecraft-Server: LINK Planet Minecraft: LINK

How to Vote

  1. Open a Vote Link in your web browser.

  2. When prompted, enter your Minecraft username and complete any Captcha required.

  3. If you have not already, login to the server where you want to receive rewards. If you are already logged in, wait. If you login and did not get your rewards, check /prizes.

  4. Reward broadcast will appear in chat and you will receive your reward. To receive Crate Keys, Vote on at least 3 sites.

Rewards - Survival Servers

  • 150 Claim Blocks

  • 5 Diamonds

  • $3,000

  • 1 Network Point

  • 2 Vote Crate Keys (Must vote on at least 3 Sites).

  • Chance to win Sacred and Legendary Crate Keys.

Rewards - Skyblock Server

  • 1x Random Vote Reward

  • $1500

  • 1 Network Point

  • 1 Vote Crate Key (Total)

  • Chance to win Spawn Egg and Legendary Crate Keys.

Double Voting is available to all donor members who are Exalted+ on Skyblock, or Sacred+ on Survival permanently. This gives double rewards for all rewards except points and keys. This will sometimes be turned on for regular members as well. Donors will also get 2 Vote Crate Keys.

Key Timer

In the /vote book on Survival, there is a Key Timer. This is the amount of time before you are eligible for keys. You are eligible for keys once every 24 hours. This system is considered to be deprecated and will most likely be removed from Survival in the future. It has already been removed from Skyblock since due to complexity concerns.

NOTE: This is not the same as being able to vote again on the website. If the timer in the book is 0, you are able to get keys from voting. If it is not at 0, then you must wait that amount of time before you can get keys.

Network Points

Network Points can be redeemed for many different prizes on Cultivate, by using /pointshop. These points also transfer between servers as well. For example, if you voted on Skyblock and got 6 Network Points, you would be able to redeem those points on Survival for a reward if you wish. These points can ONLY be earned by voting, or within Vote Crates on both Survival and Skyblock.

Vote Rewards

Vote Rewards is a new system implemented for Skyblock, which will give free rewards for hitting voting milestones. These rewards can be accessed in /voterewards. Vote counts are seasonal and will be reset in future seasons. These rewards are completely separate from all other Voting systems, and only take total vote counts into effect. If you hit the right amount of votes, you get the reward, absolutely free! There are 20 rewards, and they issue rewards for vote totals from 1-450!

Random Vote Reward

On Skyblock, a new system has been introduced for voting which will give users a random reward instead of the same item everyday. This was introduced to make sure to not flood the server with one type of vote reward item, and to make sure that users have some variety in rewards when voting on multiple sites at a time. To get a Random Vote Reward, all you have to do is vote on a site. They are issued alongside all votes, and can be redeemed by simply right clicking them.